Dino Rhyme Time Instructions

To play Dino Rhyme Time, click on each icon & then pick a word from the wordbank that pops up! Whatever word you pick will fill into the spot where the icon is. Each icon is shown below. The nouns & miscellaneous will have pictures instead of words. Hover over each picture for a word match. Continue doing this throughout the story until you’ve filled in all the spaces. Finally, read your story!


While you don’t necessarily need to know the parts of speech to play Mad Libs Junior, here is a quick lesson: A NOUN is the name of a person, place, or thing. Sidewalk, umbrella, bathtub, and roller skates are nouns. An ADJECTIVE describes a person, place, or thing. Lumpy, soft, cute, messy, and short are adjectives. A VERB is an action word. Run, jump, and swim are verbs. Last but not least, MISCELLANEOUS, or MISC, is any random word.

Write your name then print the game!

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